The Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Hiring a DJ

Hiring a DJ seems like a simple enough task, but the truth is, it is not an easy job. Many individuals planning for a large party or event tend to make the same mistakes when it comes time to choose the entertainment. The person you chose to entertain and interact with your guest is a very important part of your event as they have the power to make or break your party! Here, we will provide you with common mistakes and how to keep from making them at your special event!

Common Mistake #1: Going Cheap

Understandably, you have a budget that you must stick to and that is important. However, you must put aside a reasonable amount in your budget for the entertainment. Hiring based solely on price is a big no-no. You might come out under budget but it could cost you and your guests hours of boredom. The saying is true; you get what you pay for. When you hire a Boston, MA wedding DJ for his talents, you will be amazed at what he can do!

Common Mistake #2: Hiring an Amateur DJ

This is a terrible mistake that many couples unknowingly make when planning their wedding. You might think, “A DJ is a DJ, right?” Wrong. Sure, an amateur DJ might be able to play the same music, but a professional DJ knows how to get your guests on the dance floor, the perfect second to start the music, how to transition the music from one part of the evening to another, and how to build rapport with you and your guests. The memories that you will take from the night are quite worth the extra time it might take to find a professional DJ in Boston MA.

Common Mistake #3: Choosing a DJ out of a phone book

The best way to hire any professional is by word of mouth. Knowing that your friend has already used these services could put your mind at ease. But maybe you don’t know anyone who has hired a DJ for a party and you are not sure where to start. The internet is your second best bet. Many people often leave reviews for business on local directory websites, which can be a valuable tool in your DJ search. Also, you have access online to many more companies that might not be listed in a phone book anymore. Lastly, since most businesses use social media, you can see how a company interacts with their fans and customers and even get in on a few conversations to get a feel for a potential disc jockey.

Choosing the right person to get your party started and keeping it going through the night is not an easy feat, but you can get rid of a few of the headaches it might cause. If you keep in mind these few tips you can avoid making a memorable mistake and instead create an awesome memorable experience!

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DJ Done Your Way

Everyone knows that your wedding planner plays the biggest role of all during your special day. They help to make your day extra memorable and get you to the altar on time. However, there is one extra significant participant who is sometimes lost in the sea of vendors. Choosing a wedding DJ in Boston, MA is just as important as choosing the right planner for your big event. You will want a deejay who can serve as a master of ceremonies, rather than just simply playing music during your reception. When interviewing for a disc jockey you should base your decision on the one who possesses the best personality and knows how to build rapport with his or her clients. You should be aware of the chemistry between yourself and the DJ–find one who actually gets to know you as a couple and is attentive to your needs, wants, and likes.

A good DJ will get together with all other professionals who play a part in your wedding and coordinate with them on which music to play and when. He or she should converse with the caterer, photographer, videographer, and of course, the wedding planner. This ensures a nice, smooth transition from each phase of your wedding to the next. Keeping on a timeline is very important, but the DJ you choose must also retain the ability to be flexible at times. The only thing that is truly predictable at a wedding is that things will get slightly off schedule and need to be rearranged quickly and smoothly.

You want your musician to give you the assurance that you and your guests will have a great time during the entire event. Boring, misplayed music can have a lasting, negative effect on the whole mood you have worked so hard to convey. The wedding DJ should be able to personalize your wedding, make it special, and add both fun and romance to the evening.

Whether you are seeking a DJ in Hartford, CT, Delray Beach, FL, or half way around the world, you must remember to do your homework. Ask questions! Then ask more questions! Give your opinions and ask for some feedback from your prospective DJ.. Don’t be afraid to make your desires known. Many times, a bride will be sold on something that she doesn’t really want. Your DJ should be selling you exactly what it is you want by letting you know what they are going to do to make your day the most special occasion ever. Start looking early so that you can take your time and shop around. After all, this is your day and it should represent you and your partner down to the very first and last dance!


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Three Critical Reasons for Choosing a Professional DJ versus an Amateur DJ

When you are searching for a DJ in Boston, MA for a special event, you’re probably concerned about finding the right person to entertain your guests. As well you should be. A DJ can make or break your event. I’m sure that you’ve been to parties where everyone was up and dancing all night long and others where people were so bored that they left just after desert. Which event would you rather have?

Some might think that a DJ is a DJ, but that is simply not the case. There are several differences between a DJ hobbyist and a DJ who makes it a career. In the end, you get what you pay for. Hiring an amateur DJ might seem like a cost-effective idea if you believe that DJs just spin music and take requests. Is that really enough, however? Not if you want your party to be fun, exciting, and memorable!

The first reason for choosing a professional DJ is that you are hiring an entertainer, not just a music spinner. Professional entertainers are exactly that—professional! They know how to create an ambiance with music, how to interact with you and your guests, how to sprinkle fun activities throughout the evening and how to get your guests up out of their seats! A great DJ will get on the floor and start dancing if necessary to make others feel more at ease about being the first to dance. He or she knows the right music to play for all your guests, not just the older or younger generation. He or she creates magical romantic moments when appropriate and arranges dance contests, music trivia and other lively events to turn up the heat a notch. A professional DJ knows how and when to take requests and how to tie them into your own music lineup that you have chosen. Your guests will leave saying, “I can’t believe how much fun I had tonight” or “that DJ played all the music that I love.”

The second reason for choosing a professional DJ is that he or she can help plan and coordinate your affair so everything runs smoothly. This is especially important if you are planning a wedding, but it’s also important for a reunion, corporate event or private party as well. You want someone who is willing to work with you and others who are planning the affair to choose the right music and the right flow of events to suit your personal style. Nothing is worse than a “cookie-cutter” event that isn’t right for you, or even worse, an event with no beginning, middle or end. You also want someone who can coordinate with the caterer, photographer and other vendors so that there are no surprises. For example, the entertainer needs to know when the food will be served so that he can begin to play softer, quieter music during that time. You don’t want to hear club music while you are trying to enjoy your dinner and converse with other guests. And you don’t want the DJ to start a cake-cutting ceremony or Happy Birthday song without the cake or the guest of honor present.

The third reason for hiring a professional DJ is dependability and peace of mind. You want someone who will show up at least an hour before your event to set up the equipment and check all the sound systems. What’s more, you want them dressed appropriately for your occasion, whether that means wearing a tux, casual attire or blue jeans for a backyard barbecue. Professional DJs are far more likely to have the latest equipment and lots of backup systems in case anything goes wrong. Nothing spoils a party more than loud, distorted music that prevents people from talking or noisy feedback from the mike. A professional DJ will be proud of what he does and be able to guarantee that you and your guests have an amazing time.

In many cases, you can learn a lot by looking at the DJ’s website, talking to him or her by phone or checking references. If you’re running a big affair like a wedding or corporate event, the best way to choose a wedding DJ in Boston, MA is to meet in person. Once you sit down with a potential DJ, you will immediately get a sense of their personality and whether there is a good fit. Be sure to know exactly what it is you are looking for ahead of time and ask plenty of questions. The entertainer that is right for you will be happy to answer all the concerns you have and put your mind at ease. After all, this is your special day and a DJ who is truly professional is committed to making you smile.

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